Viper is not just another exhaust shop.

We are performance enhancement specialists catering for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since 2002. 

Silencer Systems


Motorcycle Exhausts

All types, including custom Cruiser pipes, 4-1 Super bike pipes, quads, two-stroke, and expansion boxes.


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Clients Come First

At Viper Exhausts we take pride in delivering world class craftsmanship and customer service. Being around for the last 36 years is testament to our thousands of satisfied customers.

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Reliable Exhaust Fabricators

Our mechanics make sure they do it right the first time. Precision, accuracy, and only top-tier work comes from Viper. With years of artisanal experience under their belts, not anyone can just become a Viper Mechanic.

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Conveniently Located

Our facility is ideally situated just off the N3, making it fast and easy to reach. Centrally located, secure, and ready to assess all your exhaust needs, we invite you to drop by and say hello!

Our Services

Motorcycle Exhausts

All types, including custom Cruiser pipes, 4-1 Super bike pipes, quads, two-stroke, and expansion boxes.

Branch Manifolds

Off-the-shelf ready-to-fit custom branch manifolds.
V8 and hybrid conversions.
Stainless branch manifolds – polished 304 stainless steel.

Silencer Systems

Mild steel.
Stainless steel.
Polished stainless steel.

Dyno Tuning & Conversions

Software upgrades, chip installations + mapping.
STD → 1st Stage → 2nd Stage → Turbo conversions, and more.

Turbo Exhaust

Turbo Diesel and Petrol cars, bakkies and 4 x 4’s now have the benefit of increased power and torque with a properly dyno-designed exhaust system.

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HOT AIR: Performance Exhausts

HOT AIR: Performance Exhausts

A large number of customers are first-time buyers of performance branches and free-flow systems. They happened to hear about this type of performance enhancement from friends, or advertising, or even …

HOT AIR: Silencer Systems

HOT AIR: Silencer Systems

We have spoken a good deal about branch manifolds and delved into the intricacies that govern the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of header pipes, secondary pipes, different formats of branches …

HOT AIR: Equal or Unequal Headers?

HOT AIR: Equal or Unequal Headers?

Equal length header pipes One of the most frequent queries is on the issue of header diameter and length. I was introduced to the intricacies of exhaust design and tuning …

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