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I have a Golf Chico and it's off the showroom floor so its completely stock.
It's strange because at most lights I get people trying to compete with me.
They sit there revving their motors signaling their intentions for a dice.
It's fun for the most part but eventually it gets a bit too much. I would
love to have a big ass exhaust on my car so I can scare them away but my car
is still under warranty. A new exhaust won't get me in trouble with VW will


By virtue of its relative light weight the MK I Golf has always been a favourite for modifying, so the general motorist tends to relate the Golf with speed, hence the frequent challenges.

In the eighty’s the young motorist took his brand new hatch straight to the specialist exhaust shop for a branch and free-flow exhaust and dyno-tuning.

The 80’s and mid 90’s were the years of the “hot-hatch”. They were more affordable to the younger buyer and some dealers had performance exhausts installed as part of the purchase package. Some dealers even offered special performance models fitted with performance exhausts, different mags, colour coded bumpers etc off the showroom floor.

Today, the thing to do is to discuss with your dealer-principal the extent of your intended mods. You may be surprised. Most dealer principals are sympathetic to your enthusiastic needs and he’ll probably agree (to a limit).
A good branch manifold and matching free-flow silencer system can achieve an improvement of 7 – 11% in power with similar improvement in fuel economy. Once the car is out of warranty, however, the sky is the limit regarding mods to your car.

 Surely your car’s warranty period must be just about over. Go for it!

Best regards
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